Apply Dash for Cash

The saying “there is no free lunch” may not be always true. Especially when talking about bank promotion in Singapore.  If you closely monitor the current and on-going promotion from bank industries – you will find that there is free lunch!

Let’s take the latest example from Dash, a product from collaboration between Standard Chartered Bank and Singapore Telecommunication (SingTel). Dash is mobile wallet that provide easy access to your cash through mobile application (currently only available through iOS or Android). Top-up your dash account, and you are ready to go. You can pay your friend, taxi or any business showing Pay With Dash logo. And interestingly, to pay your friend you can just swap your finger between dash app in your mobile and in your friend’s – so you can imagine picking up money from your mobile cash and putting to your friend’s mobile pocket.



How much can you earn from Dash?

  1. Welcome bonus – SGD   5.00  (must be used within 30 days)
  2. Top-up bonus –    SGD 10.00  (limited promotion, 10% * top-up amount up to SGD 100)

Not much, but at least with SGD 15.00 you can get free lunch, can’t you? And forget to mention, that you will get saving account for free!

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