Taste of Asia in Bellevue and Seatle


The night before I left Seatle, we visited Malay Satay Hut. It was never been in my plan, until our fellows Amazon’s geek Adrian Godong (an Indonesian, living in Seatle – also Microsoft MVP alumni); fetched us from our hotel to the restaurant. The restaurant is about 15 minutes driving from Bellevue, in the 24th street NE Redmond.

Malay Satay Hut offers various south-east-asia countries’ menu such as nasi lemak (Malaysia), satay (Malaysia, Indonesia), roti canai (Malaysia, India), singapore rice noodle (Singapore), javaneese mee (Indonesia), tomyam (Thailand) etc. The owner, Mr. Sam Yoo greet us in our table; offering us current promotion – but we decided to order Belachan String Bean, Fish, Satay, Roti Canai, Tomyam and surely bowl of white rice.

The taste

For me, the cuisines taste perfect. The restaurant is able to deliver real taste of Asia to the table. Started from Roti Canai, it served with small cup of kari. The kari was perfect although I felt that the dough was little too sweet. Next Satay, it was Malaysian satay – served with peanuts sauce. The satay tasted just like Malaysian satay that we can find in Singapore. I have no complaint on the taste, although I still missed my home town sate – Indonesian satay.

Tomyam, Belachan String Bean and Fish are also delicious. The is no substantial missing taste in their cooking. The spices and sweetness are matched with the one in the origin country – and I think much better than Malay food in Singapore.

The price

Except for the appetizer and desert, which is quite small portion; the main dishes served in large dish. We were 4 adult, and we could not finish the 3 main dishes (Tomyam, Belachan String Bean and Fish).  I think, 2 main dishes with rice should be enough.

At the end, it costs us about USD 64 or USD 16 per pax. A good value for money, knowing that visiting other restaurant may cost you lot more.

So if you miss taste of Asia, just get a cab or bus 226 or 249.


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