How to Create Free Multi GBs Storage

Recently, I have found an invitation to create 50GB free cloud space in . The problem is I had my existing account – so literally I am an existing subscriber with only 5GB free space ; yes only 5 GB. You know this situation is exactly same when you’re loyal employee – you won’t get any new benefits that the younger generation has. Since you’re loyal – they think that you will still eat with the same plate; a small plate.

Back to the BOX, I un-subscribe my account from BOX; expecting that I can re-register my email account. Ups, I guess wrong – they don’t allow me. So bad – I lost my 5GB free space and opportunity to have 50GB for free.

So then, I decided to change my identity by creating alias. In GMAIL, you will be able to create as many alias as you wish. So basically, you will be able to create as many credentials as you wish to register to box. What you need to do is to add “+” and the “alias”. For example, if you email is [email protected] then you can create alias [email protected], [email protected] etc.

Once you’ve created new email alias , you will be able to register the email alias to BOX.  And guess what, you can create 500 GB for free with 10 aliases – and much more.

I wish I never need to do this – but BOX hates loyalist -:D

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