Broken Laptop LCD is not BER


My little son threw his toys toward my laptop, and it bumped to the LCD screen without mercy. It is a Dell with 15 inches LCD in full HD resolution. Unluckily, the warranty was just a month after expiration. When you’re in warranty period, calling Dell for support is lighting speed and cheap (alas FREE); however without warranty support its really costly. Dell after sales support during warranty is the best among other manufacturer.

I called customer support asking for quotation to replace my laptop’s LCD. The customer support over the phone told me, that LCD replacement will cost above SGD 450 with SGD 100 workmanship plus GST. It calculates around SGD 600-700 for LCD replacement. I was shocked by the fact that it cost almost half of my laptop’s price – and with the same amount of money I can buy another new Dell laptop with 1 year warranty; (LCD , HD, CDROM, Memory , workmanship included). Searching in Yahoo forum – convinced me that broken laptop LCD is BER (Beyond Economic Repair).

Almost 2 months after I keep the broken laptop in the drawer – my wife asked me to call Repair Hospital. And their quotation to replace my LCD was SGD 220. They did it almost flawlessly in 2 days (because the LCD was not in stock, so they have to send from other store). Quickly after I received it, I noticed that the resolution was downgraded to HD (WXGA 1366 x 768) while the original was FHD (WUXGA 1920 x 1080). Back to the store, the technician said that they didn’t have the same resolution – WXGA was the only model they have. I insisted that I needed original resolution ; the technician offered me to refund and restore my old “broken” LCD and he also gave second option for me to bring my own LCD within 3 month and refund the balance (warranty period). Second option was the best for me, I still able to use the laptop and giving me time to search for LCD replacement.

I started my search in Google, and ends up in Amazon. Actually, there are lot of laptop LCD part supplier out there; you just need to compare the price and order it. About 1 month after the repair, I received the LCD part. I brought to Repair Hospital – they fixed it within 1 hour.  They also refunded SGD 180 as the workmanship cost was SGD 40. So total cost for me,

  1. LCD part – USD 80  :  SGD 100
  2. Workmanship          :  SGD    40

Total SGD 140.

Tips when you have broken laptop LCD

  1. Call the manufacturer to check the base price, fixing the issue
  2. Google and order LCD part that match with the original
  3. Replace broken LCD yourselves or ask technician to do it
  4. Remember broken laptop LCD is not Beyond Economic Repair

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