Konversi Surat Ijin Mengemudi

Jika Anda memiliki Surat Ijin Mengemudi (SIM) Indonesia dan kemudian memutuskan pindah ke Singapore; maka tidak ada salahnya untuk mengkonversi SIM yang sudah Anda miliki menjadi SIM Singapore. Dengan memiliki SIM Singapore, maka Anda bisa mengendari motor atau mobil secara legal.

Bagaimana cara mengkonversi SIM Indonesia menjadi SIM Singapore?
1. Daftarkan diri untuk mengikuti Basic Theory […]

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Changes in Minimum Occupation Period Rules

Recently, uncle Lee announced a shock changes in minimum occupation (MOP) period for HDB. It rules out that MOP increase from 3 to 5 years , and disallowing concurrent ownership of private property during the MOP. With the new rules, current private property owner (such as condo) must sale their private property within 6 months […]

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Under Employment Pass for 12 years

He was so calm, when he told me that he is under Employment Pass for 12 years. Looking at his position and company at the moment, it nearly impossible that he can not get Permanent Resident status in Singapore. He will be simply get approval – however he chooses not to be a PR. His […]

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Secret of Shopaholic in Singapore

You may want to buy electrical appliances in electronic store in Singapore such as Harvey Norman, Best Denki, or Courts.  In Singapore, such big store can not sell bellow RRP (Recomended Retail Price) – however to attract customers they will give different goodies (gift) and compete with the other retailer. 
As a shopaholic, we can not […]

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