Changes in Minimum Occupation Period Rules

Recently, uncle Lee announced a shock changes in minimum occupation (MOP) period for HDB. It rules out that MOP increase from 3 to 5 years , and disallowing concurrent ownership of private property during the MOP. With the new rules, current private property owner (such as condo) must sale their private property within 6 months […]

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House Renovation : How to Select Contractor

Everyone will come to this point, where they need to do house renovation. My first house renovation is when I was in Indonesia. At that time, we learned how to deal with contractor, supplies – but it was very small compared to one in Singapore.
Recently, I start my third house renovation but the first […]

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Membeli HDB: Second Appointment

Kira-kira 2 minggu sebelum second appointment, Anda akan menerima surat pemberitahuan dari HDB yang memberitahukan jadwal second appointment. Pada saat ini Anda harus mengecek kembali saldo tabungan Anda, apakah sudah mencukupi untuk pembayaran DP. Ingat bahwa DP akan dibayarkan 10 hari sebelum tanggal second appointment.
Anda bisa mewakilkan second appointment dan pengambilan kunci kepada Agen Anda. […]

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Membeli HDB: First Appointment

First Appointment adalah proses pengecekan administrasi pertama oleh HDB.  Proses ini menandai legalisasi rencana pembelian HDB yang sudah diawali dari OTP. First Appointment dilakukan di HDB Hub di Toa Payoh. Di tempat ini penjual , pembeli , agen dan HDB akan bertemu dan melakukan legalisasi transaksi. 
Jadwal first appointment ditentukan oleh HDB, dan  biasanya akan dikirim […]

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