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Have you registered for OneKey?

With so many threats watching every transaction online, SSL and password is no longer considered as safe combination to secure the communication and authenticate the user. Many organization currently implements 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) to increase authentication security.  2FA adds 1 more factor of authenticating individual from originally only the password “something you know” with other […]

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Single Mailbox to Receive Government Mail

Someday, one of you may have to temporary leave Singapore and living abroad.  You are leaving behind all administratives correspondent with government agencies such as CPF, HDB, IRAS etc.  They may send you notification letter, information to mailbox in your precint. And yes, on their records you have received the mail but actually you never […]

August 19, 2013 · cakriwut · One Comment
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Peraturan Baru Pembuatan SIM

Proses pembuatan SIM di Indonesia dibedakan menjadi 2, yaitu SIM Baru dan SIM Perpanjangan. Proses pembuatan SIM baru meliputi pemeriksaan kesehatan, ujian teori dan ujian praktek, Proses pembuatan SIM perpanjangan hanya membutuhkan pemeriksaan kesehatan.
Dulu pemegang SIM lama diberi tenggang waktu 1 tahun setelah kedaluarsa untuk memperbarui SIM. Artinya, dalam kurun waktu 1 tahun setelah masa […]

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How to Create Free Multi GBs Storage

Recently, I have found an invitation to create 50GB free cloud space in . The problem is I had my existing account – so literally I am an existing subscriber with only 5GB free space ; yes only 5 GB. You know this situation is exactly same when you’re loyal employee – you won’t get any new […]

February 14, 2013 · cakriwut · One Comment
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