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Apply Dash for Cash

The saying “there is no free lunch” may not be always true. Especially when talking about bank promotion in Singapore.  If you closely monitor the current and on-going promotion from bank industries – you will find that there is free lunch!
Let’s take the latest example from Dash, a product from collaboration between Standard Chartered Bank and Singapore Telecommunication […]

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Have you registered for OneKey?

With so many threats watching every transaction online, SSL and password is no longer considered as safe combination to secure the communication and authenticate the user. Many organization currently implements 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) to increase authentication security.  2FA adds 1 more factor of authenticating individual from originally only the password “something you know” with other […]

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Busines Reply Envelope link

(Last Update 06/04/2015)
Do you need to send some documents to services provider in Singapore? Use Business Reply Envelope (BRE)!
Using BRE, your postage fees will be paid by service organization – so that you can send document freely. I collected some BREs here for reference, since sometimes it is hard to find in their website

ACE Insurance […]

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How to create money from empty space

This article is the second part from my previous article on Have You Maximizing Your Money?
Actually this is not new recipes but from time to time we tends to forget it.
Find Source for Cheap Money
Yes, you know it that you have to find source for cheap money to make money. I know that you think, it […]

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