Apply Dash for Cash

The saying “there is no free lunch” may not be always true. Especially when talking about bank promotion in Singapore.  If you closely monitor the current and on-going promotion from bank industries – you will find that there is free lunch!

Let’s take the latest example from Dash, a product from collaboration between Standard Chartered Bank and Singapore Telecommunication (SingTel). Dash is mobile wallet that provide easy access to your cash through mobile application (currently only available through iOS or Android). Top-up your dash account, and you are ready to go. You can pay your friend, taxi or any business showing Pay With Dash logo. And interestingly, to pay your friend you can just swap your finger between dash app in your mobile and in your friend’s – so you can imagine picking up money from your mobile cash and putting to your friend’s mobile pocket.



How much can you earn from Dash?

  1. Welcome bonus – SGD   5.00  (must be used within 30 days)
  2. Top-up bonus –    SGD 10.00  (limited promotion, 10% * top-up amount up to SGD 100)

Not much, but at least with SGD 15.00 you can get free lunch, can’t you? And forget to mention, that you will get saving account for free!

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Have you registered for OneKey?

With so many threats watching every transaction online, SSL and password is no longer considered as safe combination to secure the communication and authenticate the user. Many organization currently implements 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) to increase authentication security.  2FA adds 1 more factor of authenticating individual from originally only the password “something you know” with other factor “something you have” such as token,  phone number or “something you are” such as finger print, or biometric.

In Singapore, 2FA is mandatory for any e-banking transaction. So, if you own many bank accounts in Singapore with e-banking facilities, you may end up carrying many token device.

This list will grow when the government will beef-up online transaction security and make 2FA mandatory for all online service provider. I can not imagine how many more token should we bring in the future when 2FA become mandatory in the future.

Fortunately, there is on-going initiative by government to provide National Authentication Framework (NAF) for online services in Singapore. This initiative provides common 2FA framework for online service provider and OTP (One Time Password) token for all population in Singapore – called OneKey. There are growing list of provider who have implemented NAF such as SGX, NTC, ST Electronics and many more. May be in the future we only need to bring 1 token to access any online service in Singapore, who knows?

So, if you would like to protect your current or future online transaction – just request your OneKey here. (or may be you just want to collect for your geek stuff?)

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Single Mailbox to Receive Government Mail

Someday, one of you may have to temporary leave Singapore and living abroad.  You are leaving behind all administratives correspondent with government agencies such as CPF, HDB, IRAS etc.  They may send you notification letter, information to mailbox in your precint. And yes, on their records you have received the mail but actually you never read those mails because you’re not at home.

OneInbox ( could be the solution for you. It is free platform to receive government mail and keep it for 18 months before deletion. Just imagine that you will dispose hardcopy mail after sometimes. If you want to keep the correspondent for lifetime, you can forward it to  any email address at your choice.

To start using OneInbox, login to using SINGPASS; agree to term and conndition, complete/update personal information and subscribe to the available agencies.

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Busines Reply Envelope link

(Last Update 06/04/2015)

Do you need to send some documents to services provider in Singapore? Use Business Reply Envelope (BRE)!

Using BRE, your postage fees will be paid by service organization – so that you can send document freely. I collected some BREs here for reference, since sometimes it is hard to find in their website

  1. ACE Insurance (BRE click here)
  2. AVIVA Insurance (BRE click here)
  3. AXA Insurance (BRE click here) You just need the last page containing BRE label
  4. Fundsupermart (BRE click here)
  5. Starhub (BRE click here)
  6. CIMB Niaga Singapore (BRE click here)

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